Development Opportunities

The Redevelopment Concept identifies uses that offer distinct opportunities for the integration of new development with existing uses.  However, the Redevelopment Concept is also general in that the concept “bubbles” presented here are flexible.  The use mix will not occur precisely as offered in the map, but is merely a starting point to advance the redevelopment vision.  Each of the four areas shown in the Redevelopment Concept present the potential for a preferred type of development based on geography, existing and future infrastructure, past land use, future land use, proximity to other assets and amenities, environmental constraints, and the ability to balance environmental remediation with economic forces. A brief description of the envisioned development for each area will follow.

After years of environmental remediation, demolition of former industrial buildings, infrastructure construction , substantial investment by the City of Oak Creek and cooperative agreements with property owners and state agencies the Lakefront District is ready to be developed.

Commercial Gateway Area

  • Redevelop for each commercial uses that benefit from proximity to the HWY 100, HWY 32, and 5th Avenue Extension high-traffic area.
  • Encourage commercial development that takes advantage of the area’s prominence as a gateway to Lake Vista Park, Bender Park, and Lake Michigan, as well as servicing existing and planned residential neighborhoods.

Mixed-Use lakefront Gateway Area

  • Redevelop into mixed-use neighborhood with commercial and residential development.
  • Incorporate a mix of uses to maximize proximity to Lake Michigan, Lake Vista Park, and Bender Park. The mix of uses may include hospitality and or destination related uses such as a hotel with conference center, restaurants, recreation, and other commercial destinations.
  • Capitalize on the Lakefront Gateway location with commercial development at the highly visible intersection of Lake Vista Blvd. and 5th Mixed-use development at this location could include neighborhood and park oriented businesses (café, sports rental, coffee, and restaurants).
  • Encourage residential development that takes advantage of views of Lake Michigan, parkland assets, and offers housing that is in demand in Oak Creek. This may include housing for active seniors looking to transition from their single-family homes in low-density “horizontal” neighborhoods. In addition, development may include gradual care senior campus development.
  • Visually and physically connect new developments to parkland and lakefront.

Mixed-Use North Area

  • Advance redevelopment that incorporates a mix of uses including business and residential that benefits from the parkland immediately east of the redevelopment area and Lake Michigan visibility.
  • Encourage commercial development that may coordinate with MMSD South Shore Wastewater Treatment facility immediately north. Business growth in this area may include research and development, processing, renewable energy, waste and water technologies.
  • Encourage medium density residential in this area that coordinates with adjacent uses, connects to nearby neighborhoods, and that takes advantage of Lake Michigan and the park views.
  • Strengthen connections from this area to HWY 32 and HWY 100.

Residential Neighborhood Area

  • Encourage residential development in this area that takes advantage of proximity to Bender Park, developed with density similar to The Bluffs of Oak Creek neighborhood west of the railroad right-of-way. Development may incorporate multi-family along with single family.
  • Establish connections from this area to the north and east, Bender Park, and lakefront.